Monday, June 20, 2016

Operation Daisy Chain Gang

While the three Despicable Bears, Agnes, Margo, and Edith are getting ready to make the trip to Minneapolis, to Mother Bear Project Headquarters, it is discovered that an unknown fan has admitted to kidnapping plans. Apparently he is enamoured with Edith and intends to interrupt her journey by pulling her away from her sisters and rushing her to an undisclosed destination.

This alarming news immediately activates certain procedures in line with Security Department concerns. The Daisy Chain Gang, a trio of secret agents, is dispatched to Campbell to accompany the Despicables on their flight to Mother Bear Project Headquarters. While waiting for the sisters to sign last minute paper work, the Daisies, as they are known to their friends in the Security Department, make themselves look like Foster household gardeners. They don aprons, pick up shovels and rakes, and a watering can, and attend to nasturtiums, cosmos, chives, parsley and a tall, skinny tomato plant.

When a neighbor approaches they discreetly draw back to hide behind the plants.

After the neighbor has left Moritza waters the chives, Maxine climbs the tomato cage to check on the temperature higher up, and Wilhelmina digs a hole to observe an earthworm on his trip into the underworld.

When the Despicables are ready the Daisies pose for a farewell shot. Maxine, Wilhelmina, and Moritza seem to have enjoyed working in the garden.

And then they each attach themselves to a Despicable Bear as they walk out into the world.

A farewell to the Despicables and to the Daisies, and happy continued growth to nasturtiums and cosmos, to chives and parsley and tomato plant.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bear 466 - PurPur

Honoring Prince

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Final Group of Long Pause Bears (I think)

From the Family Tree
Bear 461 - Christopher

Bear 462 - Rufus

Bear 463 - Ada Pearl

Bear 464 - Blanche

Bear 465 - Belle

Bear 467 - Richard

Bear 468 - Nikolas

Bear 469 - Cat

Bear 470 - Marie Jane

Bear 471 - Charlie

Bear 472 - Frances

Bear 473 - Maribel

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And even more Bears from the Long Pause

Bear 449 - Annemarie (she was left out of the last post)

and ... Bear 454 - Slinky (whom I crocheted)

... And now the ten Ellen Bears 450 to 460 - minus Slinky - to honor Ellen Cosby or, as she was known on Ravelry "Ellsby2"

More Bears from the Long Pause

Bear 427 - Julian

Bear 428 - Malcolm

Bear 429 - Suu

Bear 430 - Maya

Bear 431 - Rolihlahla

Bear 432 - Rastaman

Bear 433 - Bunt

Bear 434 - Angela

Bear 435 - Angela

Bear 436 - Harry

Bear 437 - Ginger

Bear 438 - Brad

Bear 439 - Cookie

Bear 444 - Cutter

Bear 443 Do

Bear 440 - Hermann

Bear 441 - Johanna

Bear 442 - Orhan

Bear 446 - Maria

Bear 447 - Ebenezer

Bear 448 - Tabitha

Bear 445 - Emily